Prof. Jack Jenner is Child and Adolescent psychiatrist Also as psychotherapist and hypnotherapist working as private consultant and researcher. He is Emeritus Associate Professor in Community Psychiatry and Tutor in family psychiatry and community psychiatry. He has been the Head of the Outpatient Department of the Academic Hospital of Groningen, the Netherlands, where he opened the first Dutch Voices Department in 1994 and started the development of Hallucinations –focused Integrative Therapy (HIT) in 1998.
With many publications on crisis intervention, suicidology, family psychotherapy, and depression. For last twenty years focus his publications on auditory verbal hallucinations and heir treatment in main scientific journals and international readers. A Spanish version of his book ”Hallucinations focused integrative therapy” will be presented at Madrid Schizophrenia Course 2017.He is Honorary Chairman of the Dutch HIT network and Member of the International Community of Hallucinations Researches- Working Group on Hallucinations among Children and Adolescents and Visiting professor psychiatry at Banaras Hindu University & Kashi Vidyapith (1972-74). At present he is Consultant psychiatrist in an Out-Patient facility doing private HIT practice for mentally handicapped patients.

Prof. Alan Meaden is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist for Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust where he leads on community and rehabilitation services for adults. He also works as a Consultant for Options for Care and is Professor of Complex Care at Birmingham City University. For nearly 20 years has been a key member of the leading research team developing cognitive behavioural approaches or those experiencing command hallucinations. His other main interest is in working with multidisciplinary where he has developed innovative approaches utilizing team formulations to address the needs of psychologically treatment resistant patients with complex mental health and behavioural needs. He has published widely in both areas whilst continuing to work as a clinician.

Prof. Mark Hayward is the Director of Research at Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Sussex. He has practiced as a clinical psychologist within NHS mental health services for 15 years and has developed the Sussex Voices Clinic – a specialist community service offering evidence-based psychological therapy to patients distressed by hearing voices. Mark’s research activities have focussed primarily on the exploration of voice hearing within relational frameworks – acknowledging the voice as an interpersonal ‘other’ and researching differing aspects of the relationships that people can develop with their voices.
These relationships have been central to the development and evaluation of new forms of individual and group therapy that can facilitate acceptance of self and voices through the use of assertiveness and mindfulness training. Mark’s books include the CBT self-help book “Overcoming Distressing Voices”, and the research monograph “Psychological Approaches to Understanding and Treating Auditory Hallucinations”, Routledge, 2015.

Prof. Dirk Corstens, MD, works since 1984 in mental health and from 1992 as a social psychiatrist and psychotherapist, currently in the Netherlands at MET GGZ in Roermond, with people who have psychotic experiences. As a collaborator of professor Marius Romme and Sandra Escher he participated in research, courses, treatments for people hearing voices. He conducted workshops with Ron Coleman and Eleanor Longden, Rufus May, Peter Bullimore and Jacqui Dillon. He is member and former chair of the Intervoice board, the organizational body of the International Hearing Voices Network. He published with Andrew Moskowitz (2007) "Auditory hallucinations: psychotic symptom or dissociative experience?" ; with Marius Romme, Sandra Escher, Jacqui Dillon, and Mervyn Morris (2009) "Living with voices 50 stories of recovery"; with Eleanor Longden and Rufus May (2012) "Talking with voices: exploring what is expressed by the voices people hear"; with Eleanor Longden, Sandra Escher and Marius Romme (2012) "Hearing voices in biographical context: A framework to give meaning to voice hearing experiences" and (2013) "The Origins of Voices: Links Between Life History and Voice Hearing in a Survey of 100 Cases"; and with Eleanor Longden, Simon McCarthy-Jones, Rachel Waddingham & Neil Thomas (2014) "Emerging perspectives from the Hearing Voices Movement: implications for research and practice". Currently, he is working on an evaluative study of courses for voice hearers and professionals.

Prof. Guy Gimenez, Clinical Psychologist, Professor of Clinical psychopathology, Director of LPCLS multidisciplinary research laboratory of Aix-Marseille University, General Secretary of SFPPG (Société Française de Psychothérapie Psychanalytique de Groupes). He is group analyst, psychodramatist (Titular member of Ceffrap created by Didier Anzieu and with René Kaës) and worked with schizophrenic groups. He works with group analytic technic. He worked 15 years in psychiatric hospital in Aix-en-Provence, where he create a research center about the paranoid and paranoïaque délirium and interpretation process. In addition, he has a private practice, also in Aix-en-Provence. He created a multidisciplinar master of psychopathology in Aix-Marseille-University where he actually teaches. His clinical work has been focused on individual and groupal therapy of psychosis. He is researcher about different technics of psychotherapy (psychoanalytic, humanistic, hypnosis ego state therapy, EMDR, etc). He is an author of books and different publications on the subject of analytical group psychotherapy, therapy of schizophrenia and about therapy of (schizophrenic or no schizophrenic) hallucinated patient. He works about the different types of dissociations (schizophrenic, post-traumatic, and functional dissociation). His books include: Gimenez, G., 2010. "Halluciner, percevoir l’impensé". Bruxelles: de Boeck.

Prof. José Manuel García Montes Prof. Ana Moreno Pérez. Psychiatrist, Ph.D. in Health Sciences by the University of Alcalá de Henares with a thesis on the supervision in psychotherapy from an integrative perspective. Associate Professor of the University of Alcalá de Henares. Master's program professor in psychotherapy, integrative perspective, directed by Alberto Fernández Liria and Beatriz Rodríguez Vega, a degree given by this university per se. Member of the Spanish Association of Neuropsychiatry, of the section of human rights and its work group on ethics and legislation. Member of the editorial staff of the Journal Átopos, mental health, community, and culture. She has carried out most of her professional practice in a relationship with the treatment of persons suffering severe mental disorder, in hospitalization units, day hospitals and home hospitalization of mental health. Currently, she is the care coordinator for the clinical management area of psychiatry and mental health of the University Hospital Príncipe de Asturias.

Prof. Ana Moreno Pérez. Psychiatrist, Ph.D. in Health Sciences by the University of Alcalá de Henares with a thesis on the supervision in psychotherapy from an integrative perspective. Associate Professor of the University of Alcalá de Henares. Master's program professor in psychotherapy, integrative perspective, directed by Alberto Fernández Liria and Beatriz Rodríguez Vega, a degree given by this university per se. Member of the Spanish Association of Neuropsychiatry, of the section of human rights and its work group on ethics and legislation. Member of the editorial staff of the Journal

Prof. María Martin Martin-Blas performed her psychiatry residence in the Hospital Gregorio Marañón, where she initiated her interest in group psychotherapy of patients with severe mental disorder under the team of Dr. González de Chávez. After, she continued her training in integrative psychotherapy by the University of Alcalá, in psychoanalytic psychotherapy in the University of Comillas and in the operative group in the Area 3 Institution. She currently teaches classes as collaborating professor at the European University of Madrid and does clinical work in the Brief Hospitalization Unit of the Hospital Infanta Sofía in San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid). During the year 2012, she carried out a project in the Day Hospital of said center based on the psychotherapeutic use of the cinema as a technique to overcome resistances in severe patients. Said experience has been shared with other professionals in different continuing education activities of the Community of Madrid with titles such as "The cinema, this painted mirror" and "What the cinema teaches us about Psychiatry."


Prof. Inés García del Castillo works in the HM Hospitals of Madrid group with clinical, teaching and investigator experience. Specialist in Psychiatry since 2012, performing her training in the University Hospital Puerta de Hierro Majadahonda (Madrid). She was trained in group, family and multifamilial psychotherapy within the OMIE Foundation in Bilbao and in Integrative Psychotherapy in the University of Alcalá de Henares. She conducts her clinical work in the hospitalization unit and out-patient consultation, specialized in the outpatient treatment of severe mental disorders, and as care coordinator of the Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology of the HM Hospitals group. She also conducts her teaching work at the CEU San Pablo University of Madrid. Ph.D. in 2016 in the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid for her research on a new group psychotherapy technical in schizophrenia based on the use of fiction cinema. She has demonstrated interest since the onset of her train for group therapy of severe mental disease and regarding the application of different modalities of art therapy in this setting.


Prof. Josefina Mas Hesse is Psychiatrist. She is Coordinator of the Day Hospital of the current Clinical Management Area of Psychiatry and Mental Health of the Hospital Príncipe of Asturias for 13 years. This Day Hospital, aimed at cluster B patients, a chronic and severe trauma dissociation relationship, is the first of the Spanish State to offer a treatment oriented towards increasing mentalization capacity. She previously worked in the Instituto Psiquiátrico José Germain, where she participated in the psychiatric reform process developed in it and by means of which, an integral network of attention to Mental Health problems was constructed with a community model and she was the Coordinator of the Day Hospital for 12 years. Psychotherapist accredited by the FEAP, with integrative orientation, her work is currently influenced by the developments of Mentalization Based Therapy, the application of the therapy of the practice of Meditation and by Yalom Interpersonal Group Therapy. She performed teaching activity in different settings, she is a professor in UNED and in the "Masters in psychotherapy: Integrative perspective" of the University of Alcalá.


Prof. Margarita Alcamí Pertejo is a Psychiatrist. She acquired her Ph.D. in Medicine and Surgery in 1991 with the Doctoral Thesis "Efficacy of the Child Psychiatric Day Hospital.” She has worked within Public Health for more than 20 years. Her clinical activity has been focused on mental health care of the child and adolescent population and especially on treatment of Severe Mental Disorders. She has been a coordinator of different Day Hospitals (children under 6 years in the Hospital of Niño Jesús of Madrid (2001-2007); 6-18 years in the Day Hospital -CET of Leganés (2007-2012)). Since 2012 she has been working as a Staff Psychiatrist in the Psychiatry Department of the University Hospital La Paz in Madrid, in the Child and Adolescent Unit. In this Unit, she carries out her professional activity divided between Liaison Psychiatry and Consultation of the Child Hospital and Severe Pathology Care in childhood, including Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Tutor of residents and teacher in many training courses within the setting of infant-child psychotherapy. She is a Member of the Spanish Society of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the Child and Adolescent (SEPYPNA) and is currently a member of its Board of Directors.


Prof. Paloma Ortiz Soto is a Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist of children and adolescents accredited by the Spanish Federation of Associations of Psychotherapists (Federación Española de Asociaciones de Psicoterapeutas). She worked for over twenty years as a child and adolescent psychiatrist in the public setting (she is currently on leave in the Mental Health Services of the Regional Community of Madrid), also carrying out teaching activities within the framework of resident training in psychiatry, psychology, and pediatrics. During one year, she collaborated as Clinical Assistant in the Department of Psychological Medicine of the Great Ormond St. Hospital for Children in London. She also worked as a clinical supervisor in the Children and adolescent Day Hospital “Pradera de San Isidro” in Madrid. He has taught many training courses within the setting of child-adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy. Her training as psychiatrist and psychotherapist of children and adolescents took place in prestigious institutions, including Tavistock Clinic and the Anna Freud Centre in London. She is a regular Member of the Spanish Society of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents (SEPYPNA). She is currently practicing in the private setting, in the Center ADI,Madrid.


Prof. Manuel González de Chávez, Ex-President of the International Society for the Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis. He is currently the President of the Foundation for research and treatment of schizophrenia and other psychoses, Organizer of the yearly Courses on Schizophrenia held every year in Madrid and director of the Collection of books on dynamic and psychotherapeutic orientation of the mentioned Foundation. For about twenty years, until his recent retirement, he was Chief of the Psychiatry Service 1 of the Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón of Madrid and Professor of Psychiatry of the Complutense University of Madrid. He was also Director of the Mental Health Services of Seville. President of the Mental Health Association of Madrid and President of the Spanish Association of de Neuropsychiatry, of which he is an Honorary Member. Dedicated to the development of psychotherapeutic programs for psychotic patients and especially to group psychotherapy in schizophrenia and its importance in the treatment of these patients, he is an author and editor of several books and different publications on this subject.